Governance and Civil Society coordination

YWCA South Sudan works with other partners to strengthen linkages and coordination among civil society organizations. We strive to bridge the information gap among civil society actors and provide much-needed space and information resources to the civil society community. YWCA South Sudan believes that civic engagement is vital because it provides all civil society organizations […]


Psychosocial support: Trauma healing and support

YWCA South Sudan started the psychosocial support program in 2011 as an initiative to assist community members to recover and heal from conflict-related trauma. Though this program, YWCA South Sudan has been able to offer counseling and legal aid to many survivors. It works to provide access to justice for vulnerable community members, reduce rate […]


Our Organizational Structure

YWCA South Sudan is governed by a board that is elected by a General Assembly. The management of YWCA South Sudan is headed by the Executive Director.  The Executive Director reports to the national board while the board report to the organization’s General Assembly. The organization currently has 62 staff and volunteers all of whom […]


Information Services

YWCA South Sudan operates the Yambio Civic Engagement Centre (YCEC) which is supported by DI. The centre has well-stocked with computers, library, and conference facilities and allows the CSO community, students and citizen’s access and share information freely.



YWCA South Sudan publishes a quarterly newsletter in Yambio that covers events, activities and programs carried out by the organization and other CSOs within Gbudue State. We encourage and publication of articles on issues affecting women by young women.



YWCA has an annual type of membership, where members pay an annual fee upon renewal.  We have over 5000 registered members across our branches in South Sudan with 40% being men. Despite the organization’s identity as the Young Women Christian Association, gender sensitive is of utmost importance. YWCA does not segregate when it comes to […]


Economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment program is designed to improve the livelihood of rural communities of South Sudan. YWCA South Sudan trains community members on entrepreneurial skills and encourages joint savings and investments. Between 2014 and 2019, we have been able to work successfully with 7,000 community members. Advocacy YWCA South Sudan carries out advocacy for peace both […]


Vision and Mission Of YWCA

Vision of YWCA of South Sudan A society where the human rights of women and girls and a sustainable environment are promoted achieved and protected through women’s leadership. Mission of YWCA of South Sudan To empower women, girls  and youth in South Sudan to achieve justice, peace, health, human dignity and sustainable environment and to […]